From Waste to Sustainable Art


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🗺🚙Volvo Sustainable Map 🚗🧭

🌞New Normal is a new lifestyle that everyone’s behavior has been changed since COVID-19 pandemic takes time for 2 years. This inspires WISHULADA to create the art piece that shows the collection of the important and popular places such as well-known café and restaurants, museums, temples, and check-in points surrounding the Volvo Studio Bangkok and ICONSIAM.

🙋♀️The audiences can scan QR CODE and get the information of each place in the nearby area. WISHULADA hopes that this activity can stimulate domestic economic growth, support Thai products and services, and publicize local Thai people and foreign tourists to acknowledge many interesting and a must to visit places around this area.

🎯“This art piece is made of waste materials, for example, used plastic boards, secondhanded irons, bottle caps, laundry detergent pouches, snack bags, waste cloth pieces,toys, etc. in total about 200 kilograms.”

🖼About the process of this creative art, the artist collaborates with Tambol Bang Mae Nang-community in Nonthaburi province and Tambol Rai Patthana-community in Chai Nat province base on the concept of “Create Changing through Creative Thinking”. From the upstream to midstream, the artist makes an effort to design and challenge using 100 percent waste materials for this installation with minimum left-over materials, through to the downstream, this artwork represents in front of everybody. Since our lifestyle has been changed to “New Normal”, thus it will be better if it is “New Normal with Environmental Concerning” that the artist would like to inspire through the work using the 3R concept.

✨️Rethink: Rethink with more concern on environmental issue starting from changing our behavior.
✨️Reduce: Reduce using new resources.
✨️Reuse: Reuse belongings as many times as possible because this process consumes energy less than recycle.
🌍Able to reduce “Carbon footprint”
for 562.1141 kgCO2e🌍