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Tha Tien Royal Tile Cladding Bench

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Tha Tien Royal Tile Cladding Bench

“Tha Tien”, an old community of Phra Nakhon area with full of historical storie. There are full of fascinating attractions such as Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimonmangkalaram Ratchaworamahaviharn (Wat Pho), an ancient community with beautiful architecture from the Colonial style, varied restaurants, accommodations and unique cafes.

“Tha Tien Royal Tile Cladding Bench” Chair from waste materials, multipurpose chair, sitting comfortably, sitting and snacking, suitable for people of all ages past "Tha Tien" using waste mosaic in the factory and angle steel. This work of art is inspired by the diversity of the community context. Culture, places and architecture from the surrounding buildings About the process of this creative art, the artist collaborates with Tambol Bang Mae Nang-community in Nonthaburi province and Tambol Rai Patthana-community in Chai Nat province base on the concept of “Create Changing through Creative Thinking”. From the upstream to midstream, the artist makes an effort to design and challenge using 100 percent waste materials for this installation with minimum left-over materials, through to the downstream, this artwork represents in front of everybody.

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