From Waste to Sustainable Art

SCG Home Experience x WISHULADA

2024 11 Photos

Secret in the Backyard

"Landscaping" goes hand in hand with creating a living space because it helps ensure that the living environment is pleasant, fresh, and inviting. In this project, the artist presents a simulated garden that transforms. The main component of the exhibition is the rabbit, which symbolizes good luck and happiness through various poses. It highlights the relationship between nature and human-made objects, subtly hidden within a garden rich in plant materials from recycled waste. The artwork encourages exploration and invites contemplation, raising awareness about our use of resources.

The creative process behind this project promotes social development by emphasizing waste separation. The materials used come from both the organization's internal production processes and shared consumption within the community. Collaborating artists, together with the Nonthaburi province community, breathe new life into discarded materials. The hope is that this artwork serves as a beacon, guiding people toward resource-conscious practices and contributing to a circular economy.