From Waste to Sustainable Art

Mango Art Festival x WISHULADA

2022 5 Photos

Materials : Old Bras and Fabric Scraps
Location: Wacoal Thailand
Size: 17 *10 m

Photos from high view angle from the garbage dump, it was placed as a large installation event on the building area of River City Bangkok for the first time!! by artist Ae Wishulada Panthanuvong under the name "OVERLOAD"

High angle view of a large landfill site reflecting people's consumption behavior (overconsumption) which creates garbage that overflows, the clothes we wears Create an impact on the environmental problems from the beginning of the production til the end of use. It is now the second place after plastic waste issue.

“Water, soil, air” are the three resources on earth that are directly affected by the textile industry. This is interpreted as rags, blue, blue, brown, gray, white. The “bleach and dye” process that requires vast amounts of chemicals. Such process affect the water, contaminates the chemical fertilizers used for growing fibers and leaves residues in the fabric. Soil deteriorates the quality of the soil. when consumed in large quantities Some of them can't be decomposed over time and have to be incinerated, creating air pollution as PM2.5 that affects all living nature.

The solution to reducing this problem is Rethink of how producing and consuming resources in moderation, and produce sustainable products to support environmentally friendly. Reducing of consuming unnecessary new resources. And focusing on Upcycle, reused resources for maximum benefit.