From Waste to Sustainable Art


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Limenitis Arthemis

The Limenitis Arthemis butterfly is one of the ten symbols representing the state of New York. It holds significance as the birthplace of the Kiehl's brand. In this context, artists utilize the butterfly's form along with the Calendula flower, a primary ingredient in the brand, to convey sustainable design principles. By incorporating recycled materials from consumption, they emphasize the butterfly's environmental importance and raise awareness about resource utilization.

Butterflies and flowers exist symbiotically. Butterflies play a crucial role in ecosystems and serve as indicators of climate change. Their growth depends on weather conditions, water sources, and suitable areas for flight and pollination. Additionally, their exquisite wing colors enhance the aesthetic value of the environment. However, the current decline in butterfly populations is largely due to human-induced climate change, including issues like pollution, smoke, deforestation, and habitat destruction. As butterfly numbers decrease, it impacts the overall balance of our world and affects every individual.