From Waste to Sustainable Art


2023 6 Photos, 1 Video

To achieve a Sound Mind in A Sound Body, first, we need a sound earth. Dive into sustainability with WISHULADA, the visionary behind the art pieces crafted from recycled materials at the ASICS AW23 Media Preview.

The inspiration behind my artwork is to encourage everyone to create value from existing resources and reduce unnecessary waste when organizing various events. The process of working on this project involves communicating with everyone, seeking resources and materials that are close at hand, and utilized those resource effectively which can contribute to sustainable environment.

Circular Design following the concept of a circular economy, which consists of the following 9 points:

All of the artistic creations are made from leftover materials, categorized as follows:

*Pre-Consumption leftover materials: Sample shoes, excess clothing stock from ASICS, and wooden pallets remake as shoe bases.

*Post-Consumption leftover materials: Plastic bottle caps collected through recycling. In each stage of the creation process, the focus is on maximizing the value of the leftover materials. There is no waste, and all the pieces can be further utilized to optimize value and purposes.

ฝาขวดน้ำพลาสติก 50 กิโลกรัม
รองเท้าเก่า 10 กิโลกรัม
การกระจายรายได้สู่ชุมชน 50,000 บาท